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Full height turnstiles gate using high security requested places

Turnstiles access control system is one of the most important devices in security control systems.

When choosing a turnstile, we should choose it according to the security level of the place to be used.

Full Height turnstile gate should be preferred in places requiring high security.

Full height turnstile gate can be use arrival and departure times of the employees in the companies, stadiums ,prison etc..

Our full height turnstiles can be single side or double side.
Our turnstiles have 304 stainless steel or electrostatical painted option.

We will ask ral colour options to you.

If you want to use in door, you can chooese painted one.

If you want to use outdoor best option is to buy stainless steel turnstiles but if you have a little budget you can also buy electrostatical painted but with hot dip galvanizing .

Full height turnstiles can be 3 or 4 arms.
4 arms prevents two people from passing at the same time , 4 arms is more secure passages compared than 3 arms version.
4 arms has 90 degree rotor systems.
Our turstiles works with dry contact. If you want we can install access control reader for you or you can do it yourself.
Card reader , finger print reader, face recognition reader or face recogntion with thermal detector are easily use with full height turnstiles.
All part are manufactured in Turkey with European quality standards by Polimek Electronic.
We exports our turnstiles over 20 countries in the world, especially Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Katar, Kuwait, Albania, Bulgaria and Greece.
If you have any question, we will glad to answer all of them.

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