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Full Height Turnstiles of Aliağa City Stadium

Aliaga Municipality is building a football field that complies with FIFA standards from artificial grass within the New Neighborhood City Park Aiolis City Memory and Memory House project area.
It is planned to play matches at the second league level in the professional field established on an area of 10 thousand square meters.
While the works continue for the facility, which will be brought to Alia?a for the first time, at the FIFA standards, the entrance security of the stadium is provided by Polimek Elektronik Full-height Turnstiles.
Full-height turnstiles are among the types of turnstiles that keep the security measure at the highest level.
Due to the location it will be used, electrostatic painted turnstiles have been galvanized and made suitable for outdoor use.
Control of the Polimek Elektronik full height turnstile, which is attached to the entrance of the stadium, is left to the box office staff. When the audience confirms their ticket to the staff at the box office, the staff allows the passage through the turnstile by pressing the button. Thanks to the buttons integrated in the turnstile, remote access permit is provided.
Polimek Elektronik performed the assembly of the full height turnstiles in 2 days with its 2 technical personnel who are experts in their fields.
If you want to ensure the security of your entries / exits with height turnstiles, you can call us on +90 232 328 16 45, contact us at and visit our showroom and examine our products.

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