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Guard Tour Patrol System- Security Guard Monitoring

We produce guard tour patrol  systems more than 26 years and we are first producer of security guard monitoring systems in Turkey.

Guard checkpoint systems is our one of the proud product.

We have 3 different model of guard patrol system;

  • With touch-memory technologie guard tour control systems
  • RFID guard tour control systems
  • RFID  guard tour  patrol systems with flashlight.


” What is Guard Patrol  Systems and how guard use it? ”

�The guard takes the controller from his manager to record all of his checks.
�Than the guard introduces himself by his keyring to the controller,Now the controller knows who is using it.
�The guard check the locations that he was in charge and read in to the checkpoints. The controller acknowledges with a led and vibration.
�The guard read the all checkpoints with this controller during the his shift
�After finish the shift guard delivers the controller to his supervisior , for takes report.
You can see the difference between 3 model in the Picture below..

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