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How Do Guard Tour Patrol Systems Work?

Before explaining how patrol tour control systems work, let’s shortly talk about what are the patrol tour control systems and what they do.

The system we guard tour control systems shows  patrolling guards the work is done properly or not it is a simple computer-based system that checks.

The guard tour control system is sold in a complete box.

The set includes the guard pen; used by the guards while on patrol, the security points; mounted on the places to be controlled, the guard  key; given to the patrol personnel and at the same time software.

Guard tour control software has both software versions desktop and web-based.

In which time guard patrolling, how many times it checks the points that need to be checked by the patrol tour control system.

The guard tour control system set includes 6 security points, 3 guard key , 1 guard control pen, transmission cable and guard control software. The number of security points and key can be increased as desired.

In the installation process, firstly, the guard keys, then the security points,after that control pen  are define to the program, and at the last stage report is taken.

Polimek is Turkey’s first guard tour control system manufacturer.

Smart Pen guard tour control system has been used in tens of thousands of industrial establishments with Polimek Brand for 27 years.

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