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How does Metal Detectors Work ?

Walk through  metal detectors are one of the important security measures that are usually used in conjunction with x-ray devices and scan for any metal objects on the person passing through it.

Today, it has become compulsory to use in most areas where entry and exit is intense and security needs are high.

It is one of the first products that come to mind when it comes to security for all private or public organizations such as airports, business centers, social activity areas, police departments. In such places, since the transitions are intense, they should be taken under control.

For this reason, it should be decided which walk through metal  detector to use according to the degree of security need.

Polimek Elektronik finds solutions to this security need with Smartguard metal detectors.

As Polimek Elektronik, we will continue our support with our expert team so that they can use our product smoothly and easily as well as after sales as well as after sales.

We continue to take firm steps forward with the importance we attach to customer satisfaction and our success in determining customer needs.

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