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How Does the Fingerprint Recognition System Work?

Fingerprint identification system is one of the most used biometric systems in recent years with its ability to change and not be copied.
The fingerprint recognition system has the same working principle as other biometric systems. These systems used in access control or personnel tracking can be used with security equipment such as turnstiles, barriers or gate entries.
Fingerprint readers; personnel may differ in their intended use, such as controlling entry or exit or opening doors.
In fingerprint readers that will work integrated with PDKS; As communication module, there are options such as TCP / IP, Ethernet; These features are not required for readers that will only be used as door locks, which creates a price advantage and ensures that products are available.
The ringing feature on the devices, unauthorized user and unauthorized dismantling alarms are among the advantages of fingerprint readers.
As with all access control and biometric systems, the first phase is the registration phase in fingerprint recognition systems.
Fingerprints of the people who will use the system should be introduced to the device. At this stage, the fingerprint device does not take pictures of the finger, nor does it copy the picture.
Here it converts the finger into a code called binary.
If the fingerprint recognition system is used for what purpose, when the defined person reads his finger, it is approved if it is registered in the system and if the door is to be opened, the door is opened, and if the entry record is to be obtained, it is registered as soon as the entry time is read.
When an unidentified person swipes his finger, the device gives an unidentified person warning.
The stage after the fingerprint registration is completed, its identification, rights etc. according to the desired characteristics. to assign.
This is ensured both through personnel attendance control and access control software.
With the software used, who will be allowed to pass through which door, in which department it works, at what times, or if the system is also used in a refectory; definitions such as who has how many meals per day can be defined.
One of the main reasons for the preference of fingerprint systems is the speed of reading and the other is the correct results. It is not possible to come across any other copy from the same fingerprint. For this reason, fingerprint recognition systems are defined as high security systems.
So what should we pay attention to when choosing a fingerprint device, apart from providing security? First of all, the fingerprint device; it is necessary to determine where and for what purpose and which software to use according to the desired features.
It would be best to get expert help for the right device, the right software for the device.
In determining the fingerprint reader and system, the most important criterion after determining the device and software is the technical service. Fingerprint system forms a whole with technical service support as well as device and software.

Polimek Elektronik will make it easier for you to make a decision with the discovery it will make at the decision stage, with the correct information it will provide in the selection of device and software, and after-service technical service support.

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