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How to Install Access Control Systems Panel?

Access Control Systems is one of the most effective methods against security risks. You can easily meet your corporate and personal security needs, thanks to the installation of access control solutions.

When it comes to access control and security systems, many different products come to mind. However, the most preferred ones are turnstile access control systems or card access control panels that connect multiple doors.

With building access control panels, you can connect an unlimited number of doors.

Types of electrical control panels have 2 single and double versions; There are also quartet and eight’s versions.

In this way, instead of connecting readers to each door one by one, card readers are connected to the panels according to the number of doors and the cost of the access control system is reduced.

Some of the usage areas of access control panels are as follows.

Turnstiles, fire doors, photocell doors, wooden doors, PVC doors, barriers, and automatic gates.

With the access control panels, the machines in the production area can be start-stop and reported.

Again, with access control panels, people are authorized and limited according to the number of passes on certain days and at certain times of the week.

Internal time and external time calculations are made in the access control report.

Along with access control panels, electromechanical and electromagnetic lock systems, push/open, flush-mounted, surface-mounted buttons, no touch exit buttons are also used.

Access control panels are installed professionally by Polimek staff.

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