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Is it important to use Time Attendance Control System?

There are many different and valid reasons for company owners to use time attendance systems, the most basic reason is that everyone wants to get their money’s worth.

This is the same for the employer as well as the employee. The easiest way to separate the employee and the recorder is to use a new generation personnel attendance control system.

Time attendance systems are software that protects both the employee and the employer, helps to calculate the wages according to the progress payment method, prepare the payroll at the end of the month according to the entry-exit data of the personnel, and can be integrated into the salary calculation or accounting program used in the company or ERP and SAP software.

The company owner by using time attendance systems; supervises its staff and increases its efficiency.

At the same time, human resources employees can save time and use this time more efficiently for the company, as many of the jobs they used to do manually are digitalized.

The use of Time attendance reduces the problems caused by incorrect data entry and minimizes the risk of incorrect payrolls.

Time attendance software is adapted according to the constantly updated labor law and will not leave you behind the times.

Employees can get their approval in a short time by applying for permission through the PDKS system.

Time attendance data is accepted as written evidence by the court in legal disputes that may occur with employees who quit the job.

HR practices have also kept up with our changing lives, especially with the pandemic.

If you wish, you can control your employees wherever you are by using web-based time attendance software and managing all time attendance processes from one place.

With the mobile time attendance software, which is designed for businesses whose personnel work in the field and want to monitor their personnel instantly, you can instantly track the data of your personnel at which time and in which location.

You can track personnel not only from the computer but also from mobile phones and tablets.

Companies are like fingerprints.

Each of them has very different ways of working, demands, and expectations.

If you wish, you can customize your time attendance systems with special reports and applications prepared for you in the most appropriate way for your needs.

The most important thing is the time it never comes back, we must use it most efficiently.

We have been here since 1995 as a producer of professional personnel attendance control Polimek, to help you.

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