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Is it important To Use X-Ray Luggage Baggage Scanner?

It is conceivable that X-ray baggage scanner should only be used in crowded places such as airports and stations.
However, contrary to what is thought, when it is installed in many places where security is important such as exhibition areas, shopping mall entrances, concert venues, hotels, it is much easier to scan suspicious packages and baggage in these places, thus minimizing the security risk.
So, What Should Be Considered When Choosing an X-Ray Scanner?
In fact, the most important thing we should pay attention to when choosing an x-ray baggege scanner is the area of usage.
If the x-ray baggage scanner will be used in a hotel and the bag will be scanned next to the handbag; Large size x-ray devices such as 6550,8065 or 10080 should be preferred.
In such places, the A model with a single generator and 3-color high-resolution imaging feature can be used.
In areas such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, and concerts where handbag checks will be made, the smallest size x-ray devices, 5030, can be easily preferred. This x-ray scanner have a affordable price and good image and also very high-cost performance.
But where high security is important C model should be preferred for 140 Kv generator that can distinguish organic/inorganic in places where things such as explosives or narcotic substances will be checked.
In C x-ray model, tools such as knives and pistols are also framed in the image, so that nothing can escape the eye of the operator.
Large size x-ray luggage scanner should be preferred in places where large baggage must be check such as airports, train stations, port operators, customs control areas.
All of our Smartguard brand x-ray baggage scanner have quality conformity certificates, and used in many public institutions, courthouses, bonded areas, etc.

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