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Is It Necessary to Use Turnstile Access Control Systems ?

Although there are many valid reasons for the use of turnstile systems by company owners and employers, the first and most valid reason is security.
With turnstile systems, you can control the entrances to your company and prevent unwanted people from entering the company.
In addition, turnstiles are of great importance in the control of personnel entry-exit times and shifts.
Especially in companies with a large number of employees, turnstile systems are among the most preferred systems to regulate the entrances and prevent complexity.
In addition to company entrances, turnstile systems can be installed at dining halls, changing rooms, and toilet entrances.
Personnel attendance control is carried out with card, fingerprint, or face recognition readers installed on the turnstiles.
There are different models of turnstiles according to the usage area.
Tripod, waist-type turnstiles are mostly preferred at factory, subway, and tram entrances, while tall type turnstiles are used in locations where security is more important, such as stadium entrances and prison entrances.
In order to reduce the costs of the tall turnstiles, electrostatically painted versions are also available if desired. Turnstiles are painted to the RAL code of your choice and made suitable for outdoor use with hot-dip galvanizing.
Hidden gate is for fast transition turnstiles, are mostly used in places where aesthetic appearance is important, such as plaza entrances.
Polimek quality turnstiles are used in many workplaces, municipal buildings, public institutions, and organizations.
In addition, all entrances to the metro and trams are under control with Polimek turnstiles.
Polimek turnstiles are exported to many countries such as Sudan, Egypt, Israel, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palestine, Greece, England, Iraq, Spain, Qatar, Kuwait, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, United Arab Emirates and proudly show the quality of Turkish goods to the whole world. .

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