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Maximize Efficiency with Time&Attendance System

With Polimek Time  Attendance management software you can maximize efficiency.

Time attendance management software simplifies employee timesheet monitoring, calculating of work hour and collect them.

Time  Attendance solution can be used in may different sector like retail, food, tourism, logistics, education, security, health, industry, automotive, service, etc.

Time Attendance management software help you and your team for personnel definitions, leave and time management, shift tracking, payroll and payroll-based salary calculations and transferring these to payroll in many competitive sectors such as retail, food, automotive, industry.

Polimek time attendance software can be easily integrated with many hardware like face recognition system, fingerprint reader, proximity and mifare card readers, turnstiles and rfid readers.

If needed; we can add cafeteria and canteen tracking system, sms information etc. to your company demands.

Please don’t hesitate to contact with us for any demands of customized software.

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