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New Generation Contactless Mobile Time Attandance System Application

As the Polimek team, which has been producing software in the field of  time attendance control system since 1995 and making the lives of both business owners, HR specialists and employees easier with the applications it has created; We have added a new one to our time attendance system applications.

Considering today’s conditions, we launched contacless mobile time attendance application to the market.

The application gives you many conveniences.

It is sufficient for your employees to have a smart phone that can only read QR codes, without being dependent on any reader, to keep track of your staff.

Qr code time attandance  system is compatible with Android operating systems.

It is a very convenient time attandance system application for businesses whose personnel work in the field or who want to monitor their personnel instantly.

Advantages of mobile time attandance system application compared to desktop time attandance system application.

  • The device does not require installation and wiring
  • It is ready for immediate use.
  • You can use it for unlimited locations, branches and personnel.
  • Offers reporting options specific to your company.
  • It is not affected by power cuts.
  • Instant tracking of personnel is provided with the location notification button on the Dashboard.
  • In locations where there is no internet, data is stored in the device’s memory and data is sent automatically when it comes to an environment with internet access.
  • You can send mobile messages to your personnel.
  • Mobile time attandance system application is open to updates.


If you want to move your time attandance system application system to mobile and take advantage of our 27 years of knowledge and experience, contact us…


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