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Pedestrian and Vehicle Access Control Systems

The rapidly increasing population brings with it many problems that cities face. This situation makes it difficult to provide service for local governments.

Therefore, municipalities are looking for new technologies in order to improve the quality of life and use the existing systems more efficiently.

Today, concept of smart municipality has become quite common. Municipalities that use the technology in the best way in the provision of local services are described as smart municipalities.

The fact that the municipality is smart means that the impact of artificial intelligence on the services provided increases.

Municipalities, which aim to make the service more efficient by using technology, have started to produce smart solutions in many fields such as environment, transportation, infrastructure, health, water and security.

The concept of smart municipality started to be developed based on urban problems. Many municipalities have started working with companies that produce smart solutions such as smart junction applications, adaptive traffic control, smart meters, smart solid waste collection, smart security systems.

We as Polimek Elektronik support the municipalities that adopt the Smart Municipality approach.

Increasing crime rates today are indicators of the need to increase security measures.

In order to prevent these crimes, all precautions that can be taken in building entrances and their surroundings, roads, streets, streets, parks etc. should be taken.
If we set off from the problems of the cities, the increasing population density also brings traffic density.

The number of vehicles increases with the increase in the number of people, and parking problems arise with the increase in the number of vehicles. Dropping a large number of vehicles in places that should not be parked has become one of the factors that adversely affect traffic.

For this reason, by placing bollards in places where parking is not desired, vehicles can be prevented from parking or stopping there.

Arm barriers can be an effective solution to the parking problem in terms of both durability and ability to be disabled at any time.

At the same time, for the vehicles parked on the side of the roads, parking garages can be avoided by making multi-storey car parks to the central parts of the city.

Transitions can be easily controlled with arm barriers and under-car search devices to be used in these parking lots.

If we set off from the high population density, there is a high probability of events such as theft, fighting, assault in places where there are many people.

For this reason, the use of guard tour control systems should be increased to keep the streets under control.

As it is known, patrol tour control systems are a system that controls whether the points that are desired to be controlled with the guard item are checked.

In the same way, this system can be used easily in all work done in the form of patrols such as collecting garbage carried out by the municipality and cleaning the roads.
Returning to the growing population, one of the main places where the population of the city is growing is the bus terminals.

Today, the security of bus terminals is not as important as airports.
If there is a standard in the security of airports and detailed searches are made with x-ray devices, door detectors and hand detectors at the entrances, a similar security should be provided at the bus terminals.

The maximum baggage circulation occurs at the bus terminals, so all terminals must have an x-ray baggage scanner device and this must become a must.

As a result, as Polimek Elektronik, we can contribute to smart municipal systems by security.
We can do this with patrol tour control systems that can be used in environmental safety, x-ray devices that can be used in building entrances and exits, door detectors and access control devices, barriers that can be used in car park entrances and under vehicle search devices.

Increasing the usage areas of such devices provides a safe environment in the city.

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