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Polimek have Hardware and Software Solutions for TAS

Time attendance system devices date back to the late 19th century.

Due to the establishment of large factories and the proliferation of jobs in these places, personnel and job tracking were needed.

These controls, which were carried out manually at that time, started to be carried out with a key and band personnel tracking device invented by a New York jeweler in 1888.

With the development of technology, it has reached its current state.

Time attendance control systems are the systems that control the entrance and exit hours of employees.

These systems consist of devices and software such as card reader, fingerprint and face recognition reader.

These systems, which were initially used in companies and factories for  personnel time attendance and control purposes, are also preferred in different areas such as visitor tracking, student probe system, dining hall system, vehicle tracking.

The main purpose of these systems is to control the entry and exit times of the people in the most accurate way.

Therefore, these controls, which are carried out electronically and in a computer environment, give more accurate results compared to manual controls.

These devices, which are determined according to the characteristics of the place to be used such as workplace, parking lot entrance or factory entrance, can be positioned at any desired location such as turnstile, barrier or gate entrance.

If card reader device is used, card definitions; fingerprint identification if a fingerprint device will be used; If face recognition device will be used, face definitions are made.

The stage after device selection and identification is the software stage.

TAS software is determined by the demands of the place to be used.

Depending on demand, only features such as control of check-in and check-out times, break times, absenteeism reports, overtime, leave, insiders outside report, salary and payroll calculations can be added and depending on the number of people to be used and which of the small, standard and professional software will be used according to the desired features.

There are many advantages provided by this system that emerges from a need.

Using TAS saves companies time.

It records all necessary data such as entrance and exit times, working hours, breaks of the personnel and all data can be accessed if needed.

Since the data is recorded in computer environment, it is fast and easy to access the data at the desired date and time.

Salary and payroll calculations required by the company can also be easily performed with time attendance control systems software.

In companies that do not have a human resources or accounting department, this eliminates the need to employ an extra staff member for personnel tracking.

In multi-employee companies, it is important and difficult to keep track of who is passing through which door, when and how long he stayed. Using this system, large companies can easily track these situations. They can also restrict places that are undesirable to enter.
Today, the concept of security is very important; Control of the entrances and exits of visitors as well as those who work in public places, factories, large business centers has become extremely important.
Knowing who entered the time and at what time provides easier intervention in case of any problem or event. In small businesses, this may be a little easier, but for large businesses, both personnel and visitor control is inevitable in today’s conditions. For this reason, visitor tracking systems are also preferred in many places besides the personnel tracking system.
Another area where these systems are used apart from personnel tracking is dining halls. It is used in the dining halls by activating at specified times. If the company gives a meal at noon, it activates a certain time system between noon, and it is not possible to pass in other times. Likewise, if there are meal times in the evening, those times are determined and activated. In this way, the employee meal times and the entrance and exit of the cafeteria become regular.
Student probe system is another area where it is used. Today, security in schools has reached a more important point with the circular issued by the Ministry of Education. Whether the students come to school is determined more quickly with this system and if desired, this situation can be sent to their parents by e-mail. Entrance barriers can also be placed in places where there is no need for permanent entrance and exit, such as teachers’ room, laboratory, library, etc.
As a result, personnel attendance control systems, are the systems that control the entrances and exits of any place as desired. Whichever feature is desired to be controlled, the feature can be determined with the software. The main reason for preferring these systems is the security and the environment with a certain order. As Polimek Elektronik, we provide this safe environment to you.

Since we produce software and hardware in our own structure, if you contact us, we can easily determine your device and the software to be used according to your needs.

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