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Grup 1

PL 003 Single Hygiene Barrier

Hijyen Turnikeleri


Thanks to horizontal brushes, boots and boots sole brushing clean. The brushes have easy assembly and disassembly feature. Easy plc control system is available, time adjustable in the transition system (brush, sensored sink

And it is possible to set the ti̇me of the double hand di̇si̇nfectant system) sequential system is available. When staff skip any queue, there is no access. (sorting system is obligatory to do sole brushing, hand washing, double hand disinfectant.). It has two-directional free change feature when the electricity is off. Complete chrome stainless.

Sensor sink

Double hand disinfectant horizontal brush

Hygiene mop

Manual soap dispenser

Z napkin holder available.

Optional selection (sensor soap dispenser, gloveshot jet drying etc)

Teklif İste

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