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Reader used in Access Control and Time Attendance System

What is Access Control Systems ?

Access control systems are systems used to control the entry and exit points of a building, an area or a region. Access control system is used to verify and monitor the identities of people who want to enter and exit a certain area.

Access control systems can be of many different types, often used in with reader models used to individuals using biometric features.

For example, a building entrance can be entered by scanning an ID card using a card reader, or by scanning a fingerprint using a fingerprint reader.

Such systems are used to increase security measures and make entry and exit points more secure.

In access control systems, the reader models are usually card readers, fingerprint readers, face recognition systems or iris recognition systems.

Reader models used in access control systems can generally be classified in the following ways:

1. Card readers:  Card readers verify a person’s authority by reading a QR code or similar data code found on a card. These cards are usually made of plastic and indicate the identities and authorizations of the employees.
2. Fingerprint readers: Fingerprint readers scan a person’s fingerprints to verify their authenticity. Such readers are very widely used today and are often used where there are security requirements.
3. Retina-scan readers: Retina-scan readers verify their authority by scanning the structure of a person’s eye retina. These types of readers are used where security requirements are very high and are often used where other types of readers fall short.
4. Facial recognition readers: Facial recognition readers scan a person’s facial features to verify their authority. Such readers are also widely used today and are often used where there are security requirements.
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