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Secure Office Buildings:Entrance Security Solution

Access Control Systems

Ensuring a comfortable working environment has become essential for organizations that care about the well-being of their employees. This starts first with the security of office premises. The growing need for security measures requires a strategic combination of modern technologies and effective management systems. Companies like Polimek Electronics understanding the importance of securing office spaces offer a range of solutions designed to protect your workplace. Discover five essential security solutions for fortifying your office building.


  1. Scrutinizing with Precision: Screening Devices

The integration of screening devices such as X-ray baggage scanners and metal detection gates is imperative to screen entry points. These technologies provide thorough screening, detecting hidden threats and preventing unauthorized objects from entering the premises. By investing in precise control devices like those of SMARTGUARD(link to x-Ray) offered by Polimek, your office can maintain a solid first line of defense against potential security breaches, and this at an affordable cost.


  1. Access Control Systems: Restricting Unauthorized Entry

Access control systems play a central role in the fortification of office buildings. By establishing sophisticated access control mechanisms, your organization can regulate and monitor entry points with precision. Granting access to designated personnel to ensure that only authorized individuals enter secure areas. Implementing these systems not only improves security but also promotes a sense of trust among employees, customers, and stakeholders. whether they are Physics, biometrics, or digital solutions, Polimek has your requirements covered. Check our reader’s solutions


  1. Security Personnel and Turnstiles: A Unified Approach

A cohesive security strategy integrates both technology hardware and software. Deploying security turnstiles provides an additional layer of protection. The passive monitoring enabled by turnstiles ensures a seamless flow of authorized personnel while acting as a deterrent to potential security threats. This unified with any type of access control software to security enhances the overall effectiveness of your office’s security infrastructure. Polimek has a large Portfolio of Turnstile tailored to the customer need.(Link to Polimek turnstile).




  1. Biometric Time and Attendance Systems: Precision in Tracking

Biometric time and attendance systems significantly contribute to enhancing security by providing accurate identification of individuals. Implementing biometric technologies, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, adds an additional layer of authentication. This ensures that only authorized personnel have access to specific areas, minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry and improving overall security protocols. If you are looking for a complete system for your time and attendance  needs, request a free DEMO(Link to demo) from our website


  1. Visitor Management Systems: Streamlining Entry Processes

Effective visitor management is crucial to securing office buildings. Implementing visitor management systems streamlines the entry process, allowing for efficient check-in and tracking of guests. These systems provide real-time visitor information, improving the overall situational awareness of security personnel. By integrating this solution, your office can ensure a secure and controlled environment.


In conclusion, safeguarding office buildings demands a multifaceted approach that combines modern technology with efficient management systems. Polimek Electronics stands at the forefront, offering a suite of security solutions designed to fortify your workplace. By integrating screening devices, access control systems, security personnel, biometric time and attendance systems, and visitor management systems, your office can establish a comprehensive security infrastructure that safeguards against potential threats.



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