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İzmir Municipality Preferred Us for Access Control

The need for security measures is increasing day by day, municipalities; prefectures; governments etc. efforts are underway to ensure that transitions are controlled and secure at all public institutions.
We, as Polimek Elektronik, are willing to meet all your security needs from A to Z.
We have created a complete security and access control system in Çiğli Municipality.
In our application, Turkey’s first and only seven-color x-ray system which is Polimek brand ‘SmartGuard’ used, with Smartguards walk through metal detectors.
Visitors and staff who pass the X-ray and walk through metal detector and complete the security scan; goes through card and fingerprint turnstiles for the access control.
Which can be reviewed by our visitor control program; What time; whom came to visit to who, etc. we can access the information.
With the time attendance software used by the staff; entrance and exit times of the staff can be controlled overtimes can be easily tracked; If requested, it can notify to the authorities via sms or mail.
If you have possible security and transition needs; you can get an appointment for discovery from our company for our different solutions and suggestions.

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