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Security Measures Can Be Taken in the Schools

The concept of security, as well as education, has taken an important place at the top of the factors that create success and happiness in schools.
Taking the necessary security measures will enable both families and students and teachers to focus on education.
Among the measures that can be taken in and around the school, the safety of the school environment comes first.
Places that pose a threat to security in the school should be identified and security points should be placed at designated points, and these points should be checked by school security guard at regular times.
Another measure that can be taken is to control the vehicles entering the school.

To ensure safety, a barrier system with a handle should be placed at the gate entrance to prevent or control foreign vehicle entries.
In addition to the control of foreign vehicles entering the school, the entrance of foreign people should be taken under control.

It will be useful to establish security control systems such as turnstiles with access control systems also walk through metal detectors can be used.

Also if wanted; you can control the bag of students with x-ray baggage scanner.

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