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Specification of X-Ray Baggage Scanner Machine

Today’s need for security, the use of x-ray baggage scanner has quite increased.

All mall entrances; public institutions and organizations, plaza entrances, hotels are the places that use x-ray luggage scanner devices most frequently.

The grow up use of X-ray luggage scanner machine raises many questions.

Are X-ray luggage screening equipment harmful to health?

Can pregnant women and those with pacemakers pass through x-ray baggage scanner?

What are the color meanings of the X-Ray luggage scanner? etc.

First of all, x-ray luggage scanner are devices that scan objects with x-ray and view the inside.

The most important feature of X-ray luggage scanner devices is the power of their generators. Generators of different power, 80 Kw, 140 Kw and 160 Kw are used.

X-ray bag and baggage search devices scan the inside of closed objects such as bags, suitcases, parcels, packages, envelopes, and scan for any security-threatening substances.

X-ray luggage scanner devices contain an X-ray tube as a radiation source.

The devices only produce radiation while operating, but there are double-layer lead curtains on the edges of Smartguard branded x-ray luggage scanner devices to prevent this radiation from spreading outside.

All measurements of Smartguard X-ray devices have been made.

While the radiation is very high inside the X-ray luggage scanner device, it is not at the same extent outside, below, near to it.

For this reason, contrary to popular belief, the radiation emitted from x-ray devices is not at a level to harm human health.

It can only be harmful for pacemaker users, because the magnetic field created can affect the way the pacemaker works.

Our Smartguard branded x-ray devices and walk through metal detectors have all quality certificates and are used safely in many locations.

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