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Exploring the Different Color Systems in Inspection X-Rays


In the world of security, inspection X-rays have taken a significant leap with the adoption of color systems. These systems effectively differentiate materials by utilizing the distinct colors emitted when exposed to X-rays.


The Red Color System


One of the color systems used in inspection X-rays is the red color system. Materials that appear red on the X-ray image are denser and capable of absorbing more X-rays, indicating potential threats.


The Blue Color System

In contrast, the blue color system highlights materials that are less dense and permit more X-rays to pass through. These materials appear blue on the X-ray image, aiding in the identification of benign objects.


The Green Color System


The green color system represents materials with moderate density in X-ray images. These materials have a neutral appearance since they neither block nor permit X-rays significantly.


Enhancing Object Identification


Applying different color systems enables security personnel to accurately identify potential threats concealed within objects. The color-coded X-ray images provide a clearer visualization, enabling better decision-making during security inspections.


Streamlining Security Operations


 Improving Baggage Screening


In airports and transportation hubs, the color-coded X-ray images have streamlined baggage screening processes. Security personnel can quickly distinguish between harmless items and potential risks, enhancing overall security measures.


Facilitating Border Control


At border crossings, the color systems have proven indispensable in customs operations. Identifying illicit goods concealed in vehicles or cargo becomes more efficient, contributing to robust border security.


A Versatile Security Tool


The application of color systems in inspection X-rays has extended to various settings, from critical infrastructure protection to law enforcement activities. Its versatility enhances security measures across the board.




Different color systems in inspection X-rays are a significant advancement in security technology. They revolutionize object identification and streamline security operations in airports, border crossings, and critical areas. As this technology continues to evolve, it promises even greater enhancements to security measures worldwide.

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