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The Power of Dual-View X-Ray Baggage Scanners

The Power of Dual-View X-Ray Baggage Scanners

Recent events worldwide have reminded us of the crucial role security plays in our lives and how Governments, organizations, and individuals must be well-prepared to prevent any threats.

One technology that’s making a big difference is the Dual-View X-ray baggage scanner.

In this article, we will define what a Dual-View X-ray scanner is, what makes it different, and why it is an overall better choice for security.


Understanding Dual-View X-Ray Luggage Scanners

Traditional baggage scanners are based on X-ray attenuation technology. In this technology, the detection of threat objects relies on how various objects differently attenuate the X-ray beams passing through them. This capability has now been enhanced by the use of dual-energy/view X-ray scanners. Dual-view systems use two X-ray generators as opposed to one generator in single-view systems. This produces two screening perspectives of the parcels simultaneously enhancing the operator’s ability to identify potential security threats with increased accuracy and speed.


Reducing False Alarms with Precision

Dual-View scanners offer advanced image clarity and detail, resulting in fewer false alarms. Some Dual-View X-ray scanners like Polimek’s 6550 D are featured with Auto High-Density Alarm. This feature helps to identify potential threats with precision, ensuring that alarms are triggered only when a genuine threat is detected. This saves time but also prevents unnecessary disruptions to passengers and operations


Detection of Contraband and Narcotics:

Dual-View technology is highly effective in identifying contraband and narcotics concealed within luggage. Dual-View technology allows the scanner to distinguish between organic and inorganic materials. This is especially crucial at border crossings, where customs and law enforcement agencies rely on these scanners to combat illegal smuggling


Adaptability to Multiple Locations:

One of the remarkable advantages of Dual-View X-ray luggage scanners, is their versatility and adaptability to various locations, making them a preferred solution for security inspection in a wide range of settings. Whether it’s airports, seaports, government buildings, or critical infrastructure, Polimek X-rays were notably deployed in many difficult Zones such as Libya and Sudan where high-security checking is required.


Trust and Reputation:

Using Dual-View X-ray scanners that adhere to international standards not only shows the commitment of security agencies and organizations but also builds trust among the public and international partners. Polimek is an approved X-ray supplier for NATO and the UN, reflecting their commitment to maintaining the highest security standards. Polimek Dual-View 6550 complies with international regulations, making it a trusted solution for security-conscious entities.


Dual-View X-ray luggage scanners, like Polimek’s Dual-View 6550, are becoming necessary in certain regions of the world where security and threat Detection are constant. Their advanced technology, international compliance, and adaptability to various locations make them the preferred choice for those who prioritize preventive solutions. Deploying these scanners is a proactive step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of people and property in sensible areas.


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