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Time Access Control System and Usage Areas

Turnstile systems are the equipment used in conjunction with the time attendance and access control systems that we mentioned frequently.
They can be used wherever transitions are to be taken under control.
Turnstile systems are indispensable to provide a safe environment for the area with its features such as preventing and restricting the passage of unauthorized persons.
In almost all public institutions and organizations; in playgrounds; stadiums; in prisons, at workplaces; in dining halls, etc. The usage areas of the turnstiles are quite wide.
Turnstile systems have varieties such as tripod, vip, height turnstile and fast transition turnstile.
As it can be understood from its name, tripod turnstiles are three-arm turnstile systems and they are the most frequently used systems that can adapt to any environment. These systems, also called waist type turnstiles, can be easily used indoors and outdoors with 304 stainless steel material. If desired, the mounting location for the card reader or fingerprint device can be adjusted in the input and output directions, and features such as automatic falling arm, remote control or coin mechanism can be added.
With all these features, it is frequently preferred in all private or public areas such as municipalities, factories, public institutions, metro stations.
Another type of turnstile that is common to use is height turnstiles. These turnstiles, which are generally used in concerts, stadiums, prisons such as high security areas, are available in 2 different versions: electrostatic painted and stainless steel. As with tripod turnstiles, height turnstiles can be used as card reader, fingerprint reader, face recognition reader or coin mechanism.
Vip turnstiles; Wing turnstiles are suitable for wheelchairs, trolleys, strollers and vip passes. It can provide controlled passage in both directions. These turnstiles, which are also used as handicapped Turnstiles, are mostly preferred in difficult to control and busy places such as large business centers, site entrances, store entrances, plazas. Nowadays, we often come across with other waist turnstiles in metro stations. At the same time, this Turnstile system provides the opportunity to pass for people with large suitcases or items.
Another type of turnstile used to provide security and access control is the rapid transition turnstile. The feature that distinguishes the rapid transition turnstile, that is, the glass turnstile from other varieties, is its elegant appearance. It is mostly preferred in places where visuality is in the foreground such as holding and plaza entrances.
In general, all types of turnstiles can be used with hardware such as card reader, fingerprint, face recognition or coin system. They can be made in stainless steel and electrostatic painted. Turnstiles made of stainless steel are suitable for outdoor use and those with electrostatic paint are suitable for indoor use. After determining the place to be used and the features to be used, which turnstile system is suitable is determined. At the same time, arm or wing lengths can be adjusted optionally. Each added or removed feature creates different costs. For this reason, it will be beneficial to get help from experts in determining the product in Turnstile selections.

Polimek Elektronik’s expert technical staff helps you to make discovery for you and determine which hardware is suitable for use.

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