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Time Attendance and Access Control Systems

The characteristics of the personnel attendance control (TAS) and access control (Access Control) systems very according to the size of the place where this system will be used and the number of people who will use the system.
Logic in both TAS and Access Control systems; it consists of a software to be installed on the computer where readers and reports will be placed.

If desired, TAS software can be installed on multiple computers.
These systems, which are used in personnel attendance control, access control or visitor control, generally use and report within the company.

Due to the high number of personnel circulation due to reasons such as recruitment, promotion, resignation, etc., technical service support of systems such as pdks and gks used in pass control is very important.
Features such as introducing newcomers to the device, assigning the required privileges or changing information of the person who changes the department should be applied to the software.
In technical service; What system is used to the authorized person in the company; Necessary information about these products is transferred.
Finger identification if a fingerprint reader is used; Identification trainings such as card identification if a card reader is used or face identification if a face recognition reader is available are provided.
If the person using the system leaves work or moves to another department, the same trainings must be provided to the replacement person. In such cases, a second technical service support is needed. This means after-sales service.
After-sales service; the activities that cover the delivery, installation, maintenance, training, etc. of the product that ensure the continuity of the sales after the sale is completed.
In today’s conditions, there are many alternatives that customers can choose in this product category.
The decisive feature here is to choose a company where necessary technical service can be obtained after sales.
This is one of the most important features that differentiates Polimek Elektronik from its competitors.
Especially the technical service of TAS users is very important; at the end of the month, in payroll periods; The customer who wants to calculate salaries and encounters a problem first calls the company from which he made the purchase; It is very important to be able to produce solutions quickly.

As Polimek Elektronik; Remote desktop connection with our expert technical team related to all the software and hardware we produce within our company; we provide service with on-site support. Our technical service unit is growing day by day so that our customers can reach us whenever they need, and receive on-site support when required.
By signing an annual or remote maintenance contract with our customers whose warranty period has expired; We continue our uninterrupted technical service.
Our company offers warranty tracking, product maintenance and repair services, customer-oriented telephone support, remote assistance services and on-site support services.

Polimek Elektronik will continue to provide customer continuity and satisfaction with this feature that distinguishes itself from most companies.

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