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Time Attendance Software and Personnel Monitoring

With the scoring sheet, the employer; It can easily calculate how long employees work, whether they work more or less than they should.
As the scoring can be calculated manually with paper and pen, as the number of employees and shifts increases, making manual calculations increases both the workload and the error rate of the human resources department.
For this reason, personnel attendance control systems that can calculate payrolls are the most preferred personnel attendance tracking systems by companies.
Thanks to the payroll data, the employer can report the employee’s working time accurately and easily, and in this way, the employee can easily calculate the salary of the employee.
With scoring data, all data such as overtime, missing work, absenteeism can be reported.
Ascii report, in-out report, on-leave etc. all data can be received instantly.
Normally, workers’ salaries evolve into 225 hours of work per month, unless otherwise agreed.
Overtime is defined as a worker working more than 11 hours a day, 7.5 hours in the night shift and 45 hours per week.
All these working hours are reported in a document called payroll record and a copy is kept in the employee’s personal file.
Firms calculate payrolls with personnel attendance tracking systems, including personnel attendance control software.
Card, fingerprint or face recognition devices can be used in these calculations.
At the same time, a professional personnel attendance control software with a user-friendly interface makes your job very easy.
As Polimek, our 26 years of experience in the time attendance sector and our software, which we blend with the experiences of our customers, gives you the data you need in a very short time and reduces your workload.
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