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Turnstile Access Control Solutions Used in Rail System

Turnstile systems are important access control system products that arise from the need for security and are used in places where passes should be under control. These systems, which are generally used in conjunction with a device and software, are used to limit entry and exit to any area.
Turnstile systems, which have the widest areas of use in access control systems, are frequently preferred in places such as business centers, factories, metro stations, airports, stadiums that are dense and difficult to control.
There are 4 types of turnstiles which is tripod turnstiles, fastlane turnstiles, full height turnstiles and vip turnstiles.
Tripod turnstiles, whose other name is waist type turnstile, is the most widely used type of turnstile today. These turnstiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with their stainless steel material.
Tripod turnstiles have IP 54 protection class. What is the IP protection class?
The IP protection class is a standard set for rating the environmental protection provided by an electrical enclosure. The fact that tripod turnstiles are included in IP 54 protection class according to these standards shows that they are resistant to dust and splashes.
Tripod turnstiles can work integrated with all kinds of time attendance control and access control systems. In addition, accessories such as coin mechanism, remote control, counter, photocell alarm sensor can be added according to the demand.
Fastlane turnstiles, another type of turnstile, differs from tripod turnstiles with their elegant appearance. It is generally preferred in big holding or plaza which places great importance on visuality.
In places where security should be high level, such as prisons, concerts, stadiums, full height turnstiles are preferred, which is another type of turnstile. They are produced for single or double pass. Length turnstiles with 3 arms and 4 arms options are compatible for indoor and outdoor as in tripod turnstiles. The arms are released in case of any power failure.
It can be produced in two different versions as electrostatical painted and stainless steel upon request. It is one of the most preferred types of turnstiles after tripod turnstiles.
Vip turnstiles, also called disabled pass turnstiles, are winged turnstiles suitable for wheelchairs, strollers, trolleys and vip passes. These turnstiles can be used wherever handicapped passes, tripod and height turnstiles are used. In these turnstile systems, controlled passage can be provided in both directions. If the wing encounters any resistance, it stops, tries to move again, and if the blockage continues, it releases the wing. As in all turnstile systems, the wings are released in case of power failure.
In general, the features of stainless steel material, integration with access control systems and adding accessories such as remote control and coin mechanism are common in all types of turnstiles. All these features are determined according to the characteristics of the place of use and the purpose of use. For this reason, it is very important to use the turnstiles in which area and for what purpose.

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