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Turnstiles Access Control Systems

Metal detectors, one of the security control devices that we are used to see everywhere recently, are electronic devices that detect metal or explosive objects on the person. These devices, which are mostly used with x-ray baggage / luggage scanner have two types, walk- through metal detector and hand held scanner.
When choosing walk-through metal detector, its important to know the location to be used, the location of the device, and the purpose of the detector should be examined.
Walk-through metal detector can range from 6 to 45 zones depending on location and security needs.
Sensitivity adjustment of each region can be made separately and the locations of hazardous substances on people passing through the detector are indicated by illuminated leds on both sides of the panels. It also has the ability to detect more than two metals in the human body at the same time. The panel on the walk through metal detectors can easily be seen how many people pass through the detector during the day and how many alarms the detector alarms.
If desired, metal detectors can also be integrated with turnstiles and prevent mutual passage if it alarms.
Today, walk-through metal detectors are widely used in all private or public areas such as courthouses, municipalities, airports, shopping malls, police offices, workplaces, concert venues.
It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There are also detectors with waterproof or fireproof properties suitable for outdoor use.
Hand-held metal detectors, another type of metal detectors, provide control manually as the name suggests.
Hand-held detectors, which are often used with walk through metal detectors, allow security guards to search again in cases where suspicions are suspected. As with door type metal detectors, when it detects any metal on the person, it can give warning with light or vibration, optionally. It is also one of the elements that makes it preferable to be rechargeable.
Metal detectors are one of the most important factors in securing a place. For this reason, there are some points to be considered such as the location of the detector, frequency of transitions, number of scanning regions, degree of sensitivity.
Detectors with high scanning area should be preferred in crowded places such as airports, where transitions are frequent and where security is required to be at a high level.
In places where there are transitions at certain times such as business center, factory, university, and where there are not frequent transitions, there is no need for high scanning area.
There are also portable, battery-powered versions of door detectors.
Police departments usually obtain these products and provide security in any organization.
Increasing the number of detector zones or any added feature significantly affects the price of the product.
For this reason, it is necessary to get help from a specialist in the selection of the detector. If you contact us, we can assist you in determining your needs and we can find answers to all your questions.

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