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Type of Walk Through Metal Detectors

Walk through metal detectors are indispensable parts of security applications used with x-ray luggage  scanner.
It divides the body of the person passing through into equal parts, allowing the person to scan for any metal objects.
Walk through metal detectors have sensitivity adjustment on them, so that sensitivity levels can be adjusted to alert all metal objects to be caught.

If we don’t want it to alarm objects with low metal density, such as coins, keys, etc., we may decrease the sensitivity setting. In this way, the device will not give an alarm to anyone who switches to shopping malls. it will only detect people with high-density metal on them. Security guards can easily locate the metal when they check the person with the hand detectors they have.
The number of scanning zones on the side panels of walk through metal detectors can be increased from 6 zones to 45 zones according to their usage areas.
While 6-zone door detectors are sufficient for shopping malls; the number of zone can be up to 45 in places such as prisons and airports where security must be improved.

Walk through metal detectors can be recommended as waterproof and fireproof depending on their usage.
6-zone and 18-zone walk through metal detectors are generally used in shopping malls, schools, and company entrances. Where security is kept at the highest level, such as airports, 45-zone door detectors are used.

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