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Usage Areas Of Turnstile Access Control Systems?

Turnstile access control systems are systems that enable people to control their passage through a security point. In our daily life, we come across turnstiles in many places. Every day, our security is provided by turnstile access control systems in shopping malls, amusement parks, subways, etc.

The use of these access control systems is increasing day by day because, with the increase in the human population, the need to control the masses also increases and the needs change with the developing technology. Turnstile manufacturers have adapted to these needs from past to present and designed turnstiles according to different security needs and usage purposes.

Entry-Exit Control

With the turnstiles produced to control the entrances and exits, it is possible to manage who can enter the places and when. For this purpose, tripod turnstile, waist-height turnstile and speed gates are generally used. Speed gates are more sensitive than other turnstiles, but have a more elegant appearance and are preferred in sophisticated places such as corporate places and hotels. Tripod turnstiles or waist-height turnstiles are low-maintenance devices and they are more durable. For this reason, they are generally preferred in places where the entrance and exit volume is more intense. We can usually see these turnstiles in subway stations, universities, office buildings.


Turnstile systems are very suitable hardware for managing entrance and exit in places that require high security and control. Only authorized people with identified credentials are allowed to access the place and other than that these turnstiles stay locked all the time. In places requiring high security, full-height turnstiles are generally preferred because their height, design and durability make them impenetrable. It is not possible to jump over full-height turnstiles like speed gates and tripod turnstiles. These turnstiles are designed to allow people to enter and exit in one direction. This type of turnstiles are generally used in prisons, military facilities, high government buildings, special parts of factories, construction areas, amusement parks, stadiums, concert halls, etc.

Attendance Calculation and Control

Thanks to turnstiles with devices (biometric readers, card readers) integrated and special software, now it is possible to receive information like; the number of people entering and exiting a place, how long they spend time inside, who they are, their personal characteristics and preferences, and the time when traffic is peak. Since it is very important to control the continuity of the personnel, especially in companies with a large number of employees, companies generally prefer turnstiles with a time&attendance system. Also in the service industry, amusement parks, fitness centers etc., it is possible to see turnstiles. Because such places have the obligation to prevent people who intend to enter for free and to provide a fair service. In addition, organizations can improve their business with the data obtained about customer groups, membership information and their continuity. Speed gates or tripod turnstiles are generally preferred for attendance counting.

Payment Implementation

One of the areas where turnstiles are widely used is payment control. To prevent unfair free entry, turnstiles are used at the entrances of venues that require a fee at the entrance. We can give examples of such places as entertainment centers, sports halls, concert halls, metro stations. All these places take advantage of automatic turnstile entrance systems to ensure both their security and payments. Such places generally use turnstile systems with an integrated card reader to create an autonomous and smooth entrance and exit, and to prevent queue formation. In this way, people who read the QR code or ticket can pass quickly without being exposed to the slowness of the human control at the door. In addition, since there are no bribery and nepotism incidents at the entrances with turnstile access control systems, companies do not make losses and can rely on the autonomous system.

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