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Walk Through Metal Detector Against Corona With Thermometer

– As the whole world, we are going through an extraordinary period, we must first accept the situation, take into account that our goals may deviate and plan the future without panicking.
– If you can, disinfect your workplaces.
– If we are still going to our workplaces, you can replace your fingerprint readers, card reader terminals or face recognition readers used in entry and exit and attendance control applications.
– All fingerprint readers have the option to read cards, you can continue to follow up the personnel without contact with the cards you will provide.
– Measuring the fever of those who come to your workplace and sending people with fever home is one of the best measures you can take. For this, you can use non-contact thermometers or use non-contact thermal door detectors with heat meters.
Keep in mind that even if people are at home, they continue to search for new products.
-You can search online sales opportunities and create new sales lines for your company in this period.
Remember, this is a temporary period, we should use this period in the most effective way by creating new business ideas, reviewing our mistakes.
Hope to meet you on healthy days�

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