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We Provides Security Solutions for Airports Gates

Polimek Elektronik, which started to manufacture x-ray scanner devices and walk through metal detectors under the Smartguard brand in 2017, continues to produce mail, luggage, small parcel, large parcel and cargo type x-ray devices and detectors without interruption.
X-ray baggage scanner systems used in shopping malls, airports, bus stations, warehouse areas, hotels and many public institutions and organizations.
Polimek, sends the x-ray scanner and walk through metal detectors to many countries such as especially Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Sudan, Oman, Israel, India, Bangladesh, Palestine and Iraq .
Polimek continues to grow with successful collaborations abroad.
The differences of Smartguard branded x-ray baggage scanner from other x-ray scanner are as follows:
* High image and resolution quality
* The ability to instantly detect explosives and drugs
* Ability to classify the substance as pure or not in mixtures
* Variable penetration
* 6 kinds of color display
In today’s world where safety is very important, it is very important to choose right company.
Don’t forget to evaluate the quality certificates of the company when choosing an x-ray scanner and walk through metal detectors.
You can contact us for the most reliable security solution alternatives.

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