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What are the benefits of facial recognition technology ?

Face recognition systems is a biometric solutions used quite frequently in personnel time attendance systems

Face recognition machine works by digitizing the feature points obtained from the face image with special equipment, converting these numbers into a code called binary, and processing them for control purposes in the computer environment.

Face detection systems are used in personnel time attendance and tracking system; it simply extracts the algorithm with a mathematical calculation developed according to the person’s face type and give a tracking number.

These data received as a code called binary, cannot be used for any other purpose.

Face recognition  manchine do not take pictures or copies.

The picture of the face is not stored in the face recognition systems, anyway, the capacities of this type of face recognition system are not suitable for storing face images as pictures.

Polimek face recognition readers are fully compatible with personal data protection law.

Face recognition systems are mostly used in personnel tracking.

When employees enter employment; They have agreed to comply with the arrival and departure times to work.

The employer has the right to monitor and control the working order with all kinds of technology for the order and efficiency of his work.

With this function, the face image taken for personnel tracking is no different from applications such as barcodes and cards.

The reason why face recognition systems are preferred in personnel follow-up is to eliminate situations such as the person having someone else’s card scanned even though they are not present, losing or forgetting their card.

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