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What are the feature of speedgate access control turnstile?

The best way to increase security at your building entrances maybe you are looking for a speed gate solution.

These pedestrian access control systems are used in public stations, airports, private buildings ,and museums, and with stylish  design. It can be customized to the design of your building.

The devices are designed to with stand heavy traffic areas and are both durable and reliable at effectively limiting intrusion into your building.

To give allowing some users direct access and limit those who do not have the required permissions.

What are the big advantages of Speed Gates Access Control Turnstiles?

Increasing Security Level

The main benefit of using a speed gate system is the increased security level, they provide to your facilities. Speed ​​gates will remain in a closed position until valid entry recognition systems such as ID cards, tags and tickets.

Fast Transition

It is suitable for building entrances in busy transitions. You can’t waste time in queues.

Elegance Design

Speed ​​gates come in a variety of designs. They are often chosen not only for their safety, but also for their chic which is more likely to blend in with your reception. Units can be installed on their own or in multiples. Multiple lanes are created by adding an interface with barriers on both sides – this helps reduce cost and maximizes available space.

Easy Installation

Easy installation with fast gates because they generally do not require a floor rail. 


The fast gate will automatically retract/ drop in when in an emergency situation like a fire.

Disable Access

It has dimensions suitable for disabled passage and pram pass according to international standards.

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