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What Are The Features of VIP Turnstile Gate?


Turnstile systems are used in every area where monitoring is required today. Safe passage is provided by turnstiles in almost every sector of workplaces, plazas, sports halls, WCs, cafeterias, etc.

Turnstile systems used to provide control and security can be coordinated with fingerprints, face recognition devices or card readers. Thus, personnel and visitor entrances and exits are taken under control, and in case of demand, data is obtained with appropriate software.

Polimek Electronic turnstile types according to usage area;

Tripod (Waist) Turnstiles

Full-Height Turnstiles

VIP (Disabled) Turnstiles.

What Are The Usage Areas of Turnstiles?

Tripod turnstiles are the turnstile system, which is the most common area of ​​use, and it is seen in places such as hospitals, schools, cafeterias, gyms and factories. Full-Height turnstiles are seen in high security areas. VIP turnstiles, with their stylish design, are mostly preferred in plazas and workplaces.

What Are The Features of VIP Disables Turnstiles Gate?

VIP-Disabled Access turnstile systems, which we also call speed gate turnstiles, should be used in every area where turnstile application will be made. The fact that disabled people cannot pass through the normal turnstiles has increased the number of use of VIP turnstiles.

VIP turnstiles are suitable for wheelchairs, trolleys, baby carriages and VIP passes, providing restricted and safe passage.

Since it is made of stainless steel, it is suitable for long-term use indoors and outdoors.

It offers high aesthetics with the combination of natural granite, tempered glass, chrome material and special lighting. In forward or backward motion, if the person is in front of the turnstile, the turnstile automatically senses and reacts to this action. That’s why it is safely preferred because its automatically stopping the operation in order to prevent the person from being harmed during closing.

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