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What are the usage of personnel attendance systems ?

Time attendance systems used to control and limit the entrance and exit of a place are called access control systems. The main product of these systems, developed in accordance with today’s technology, are card pass systems. The purpose of card pass systems is generally to be placed at the entrance and exit, to authorize the passes, to provide control and security.
Card pass systems are the systems that provide the entrance and exit of defined people for a specified area at defined time intervals. If it will be used to open a door or barrier at the entrance and exit points, the card that has been previously defined is read on the device and the place to be opened is opened; If it is to be used in personnel control controls, it can be controlled by the turnstile or gate entrances, and on which day and time the persons enter and exit. For places such as dormitory entrances, car park entrances, factory entrances, dining hall entrances, the areas of use of these systems can be increased with the desired software, with the desired feature and capacity.
Among the access control systems, there are varieties of card access systems with the widest usage area according to the features and capacity of the device. Which device and software to use is determined by the nature of the place to be used, the number of people, or what reports will be used. These systems, which can be determined according to the needs, can also be used only with alternatives such as card, password or card, password, fingerprint if desired.
Card reader devices in card pass systems support Mifare and Proximity cards. Optionally; They can be used as personnel card, visitor card, refectory card, etc. These types of cards can be printed with special printers; The desired design can be created by adding logo, contact picture or contact information on them.
Each of the cards used has different IDs as in identity cards, so it is personal only.
If we talk about the advantages of the card pass system, multiple points can be provided with the same card and can be disabled remotely if desired. It is also possible to determine which gate will be free to pass, and not through which gate. Such features are often preferred in places that require control, such as schools, dormitories and universities.
Since card pass systems have been used before facial recognition and fingerprint systems, their usage areas are wider than them. In addition to indoor, there are devices compatible with outdoor use. This increases its usage in factories and construction sites.

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