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What are Turnstile Access Control System ?

Turnstile access control systems , today  environments where people are very common (businesses, factories, sports halls, dining halls, schools, plazas, military areas, airports, subways, public institutions and organizations, etc.) are a part of the access control systems we use to provide control and security.

Turnstile access security system,  you can support it with face recognition readers, fingerprint and card reader, and control the data of those entering and exiting through the turnstiles with access control software.

Turnstiles, which provide a fast passage, are also the most common access control system used to prevent possible security problems.

Especially places that require a high level of security, such as justice palaces and security buildings, are used both to ensure the highest level of security and to ensure a fast passage circulation.

Turnstile types, which are specially produced for each area and made suitable for use, consist of 4 main headings.

Tripod (Waist) Turnstiles

Fast Pass (Speed Gate ) or Hidden Gate  Turnstiles

Full Height  Turnstiles

Vip (Disabled) Turnstiles

The tripod or waist turnstile consists of stainless steel and 3 arms. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be used in factories, dining halls, schools, toilets, etc. It is used to control and pass such areas.

The coin mechanism can also be included, especially for controlling places such as toilets. It is possible to use this turnstile wherever we think of, where security is desired.

Hidden gate turnstiles are used in places where faster passes are desired, as the name suggests.It is the first choice of businesses and architects, especially for plazas, which are supported by various glass models that require fast passage, stand out with prestige and high visual quality.

Full height turnstiles are produced for high security places and all entrances and exits can be used upon request. It is mostly preferred for stadium and prison entrances.

It consists of 2 types as Single and Double, it can be adapted to the user’s request with painted or stainless steel production for indoor and outdoor environment.
VIP Turnstiles, that is, disabled access turnstiles, are preferred for private and disabled passages.

These turnstiles, which are useful for people who do not want to use baby strollers, wheelchair passages or card or fingerprints, can also be managed with button and remote control.

Wing lengths are produced as 90 cm with wheelchair transition distance, but this size can be up to 120 cm according to your request.

Each turnstile may differ according to its usage and purpose. Turnstiles, which facilitate the control with various software and panels, can also be supported by the cafeteria, gym and school-student control software.

In today’s conditions, places where both business owners and human circulation are high are often preferred.

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