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What are Turnstiles Entrance Gates Used For?

What are Turnstiles Entrance Gates Used For?


Turnstiles play a pivotal role in ensuring security and access control in diverse settings. In public transportation turnstile many challenges in order to keep harmony and safety for numerous users. In this article, we delve into the world of turnstiles, exploring their types, applications, and the benefits they offer to public transportation. We’ll also spotlight the Polimek Tripod turnstiles PL201 as the ultimate solution for access control in metro stations and other public transportation hubs.


Turnstiles and Versatile Applications

 A turnstile is an access control device that restricts passage through a gate or entrance. It operates by allowing one person at a time to pass, ensuring controlled entry and exit. Turnstiles find applications in diverse settings. Commercial Buildings, Sports and Entertainment facilities and Public Transportation such as Metro stations, tramway terminals, and airports.


Turnstiles and Public Transportation

There are many different sorts of turnstiles but when it comes to access control and security in public transportation, the most common use is the tripod-type turnstile. Tripod turnstiles are waist-high turnstiles with 3 rotative arms.


Solving Public Transportation Challenges


Fare Collection and Ticket Validation: Turnstile ensures that only authorized passengers with valid tickets or cards can enter, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing overall security. Polimek’s PL201 is capable of handling up to 97 passages per minute, allowing for efficient ticket validation while reducing queue times.

Service Optimization: Turnstiles must help transport authorities accurately collect data to monitor passenger flow, analyze peak travel times, track revenue, and make informed decisions about service optimization and staffing. Polimek’s Pl201 tripod turnstile with its modular design allows for customization and is compatible with access control systems, this gives a secure and integrated access solution for transportation hubs

Emergency Evacuation: In the event of power failures, emergencies, or other crises, turnstiles can be configured to enter an emergency mode. This ensures quick and uninterrupted evacuation of passengers, enhancing safety in transportation facilities.


Durability and Adaptability: Turnstiles are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while efficiently regulating passenger flow, contributing to a superior and enduring solution for access control in transportation environments. The PL201’s robust construction, made of 304-grade stainless steel, ensures durability and tamper resistance, enhancing security.



Turnstiles are indispensable in ensuring security and efficiency in public transportation. Polimek’s Tipod turnstiles PL201 offer an unbeatable solution with their robust design, high passage capacity, and compatibility with modern access control systems.

Elevate your public transportation experience and join us with Polimek’s PL201 turnstiles, for easy transportation.

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