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What Can You Detect With a Hand held Metal Detector?

What is a handheld body metal detector used for?

What gets detected in a metal detector?

In line with the increasing need for security today, people are improving themselves day by day in the production of security equipment in order to detect threats. In particular, walkthrough metal detector/door metal detector, x-ray baggage scanner and hand-held metal body search detectors are used to detect metal-containing threat elements such as guns, knives, and blunt metal objects. 

Hand-held metal body search detectors are used to detect metals in the body of people at security checkpoints. Hand-held metal search detectors are often used by security guards along with walk-through metal detectors. If people passing through walk through metal detector are in a suspicious situation, a more detailed and quick security scan is done by the security guards with the hand-held metal body detectors. Metal detection technology of handheld metal detector wands operates at a frequency of 22 Khz and detects metal objects due to these vibrations. Thanks to this high sensitivity, they can detect even the smallest pieces of metal.

Polimek handheld metal detector wands are one of the best handheld metal detector wands in the sector. Hand-held metal detector working principle, parts of handheld metal detector, metal detector screening procedures, handheld metal detector specifications; The hand-held metal body search detectors have a large detecting probe area and can detect small hidden metal objects. Hand-held metal search detectors can even detect large metal objects from afar. Polimek hand-held metal body detectors have two alternative alert ways. You can choose between acousto-optic and vibration alerts. Since hand-held metal body search detectors are rechargeable, hand-held metal search detectors provide easy use and when hand-held metal body detectors’ battery voltage drop from 9V to 7V, the detection distance of the hand-held metal body search detectors remains unchanged. Hand-held metal search detectors also have low power consumption and a metal detector wand’s battery can work continuously for more than 40 hours.

What do metal detectors detect? What do metal detector wands detect? What can handheld metal detectors detect? Metal detector wands can easily detect iron and other metals. Use of handheld metal detectors especially specialized in detecting weapons, knives, cutting and piercing tools. Metal detector wands, which are used for body searches all over the world, are used in prisons, public buildings, airports, shopping malls, entrances of nightclubs, festivals, stadiums, crowded indoor areas, etc. handheld metal detector wands are a huge boon to security guards, especially when searching for women’s cluttered and overcrowded bags.

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