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What can you detect with x ray inspection devices?

X-ray control scanners allow you to distinguish dangerous substances such as drugs, weapons, explosives in packages, parcels and bags.

The dimensions of X-ray scanners vary according to their usage areas. For example, our Smartguard SG 5030 A x-ray baggage scanner helps you to check hand luggage, laptop bags, bond bags, small parcels with its ergonomic size. It is very convenient for narrow spaces such as business centers, shopping malls and hotel lobbies. Our medium sized Smartguard SG 6550A X-RAY Baggage Scanner can be conducive for customs gates, conference halls, shopping malls, etc. security check points.

In addition, our Smartguard SG 100100 X-RAY Baggage Scanner with its large tunnel dimension is suitable for controlling large packages, parcels, passenger suitcases, palletized loads, etc. Such devices are preferable for use in airports , and cargo companies.

X-ray lugagge scanners distinguish organic, inorganic and mixture materials in specific colors; Organic substances appear in the x-ray scanner  in orange. These substances are materials such as water, alcohol, paper, food. Natural gas, gasoline, explosives, drugs, diamonds also appear orange.

Mixture materials appear in green. Examples of these materials are glass, aluminum and silicon, which are frequently encountered in our daily lives. Gunpowder and detonators, which are dangerous mixtures, can be detected with the help of x-ray device.

Inorganic substances, on the other hand, appear blue. For instance iron, steel, nickel etc. are inorganic materials. Since dangerous items such as weapons and knives are made of these materials, it is necessary to pay attention to blue images in X-ray baggage scanners.

If the end user’s security requirements are not too high, the machine is installed for safer environments by our experienced teams. And if there is a tight budget, the SG5030 A X-Ray Baggage Scanner would be the perfect choice.

On the contrary if the end user requires high security, the machine will be installed for situations with high security protection level. SG5030 C X-Ray Luggage Scanner would be a better option.

Moreover, SG5030 C X-Ray Luggage Scanner has 140KV power while the SG5030 A X-Ray Baggage Scanner has 80KV. This difference means SG5030 C X-Ray Luggage Scanner (140KV) can distinguish organic and inorganic materials and has explosive threat detection feature. In addition, SG5030 C X-Ray Luggage Scanner (140KV) 4 image color while SG5030 A X-Ray Baggage Scanner (80KV) has 3 image colors.

Polimek Electronic continues to expand its export network and we export x-ray baggage scanners to 20 countries all around the world. These are; Albania, BAE, Bahrein, Bosna, Egypt, England, Georgia, Greece, Germany, India, Iraq, Israil, Kuwait, Libya, Maruitania, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, Tunusia and Vietnam.

Once for all, as Polimek we are always here to find the best solutions for your business’ special needs. We will guide you to find which x-ray scanner is best for you.

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