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What Do Walk Through Metal Detectors Detect?

Walk-through metal detectors are crucial for public security, commonly seen in airports and government buildings.

But what exactly do walk through metal detectors detect? And how do Polimek Electronic Walk through metal detectors offer the best solution for metal detection? Let’s find out.

Walk through metal detectors use electromagnetic fields to detect metal objects on a person’s body. As a person passes through, the metal detector’s electromagnetic field detects metal objects, triggering an alarm if necessary.


Why choose Polimek Electronic SmartGuard metal detectors for superior metal detection?


Polimek SmartGuard detectors offer superior metal detection, user-friendly operation, and easy maintenance. Here are some of the key features that make SmartGuard metal detectors stand out:


Advanced detection technology:

SmartGuard detectors use advanced electromagnetic field tech for accurate metal detection, including non-ferrous metals.


High sensitivity:

SmartGuard metal detectors have a high sensitivity level, which means they can detect even small metal objects like coins and jewelry. This is important in high-security environments where even small metal objects can pose a risk.


Customizable settings:

SmartGuard metal detectors can be customized to meet the specific needs of different environments. This includes adjusting sensitivity levels, setting different alarm tones, and more.


Easy maintenance:

SmartGuard metal detectors are low-maintenance, featuring self-diagnostic systems for easy problem detection.


Durable construction:

SmartGuard metal detectors are built to last, with durable construction that can withstand heavy use and harsh environments.



Polimek SmartGuard metal detectors provide top-notch security with advanced technology, sensitivity, and durability.

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