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What Does Polimek Elektronik Do?

The easiest way to easily restrict access to our buildings, sites and workplaces, to control and record those who enter, is to use Access Control Systems.

The selection of access control systems is very important.

Choosing the right access control system not only protects the places, its advantages are much more.

What are the benefits of Access Control Systems?

Access control systems are preferred systems in many companies and locations to ensure security and order.

Who entered your company at what time, how long he stayed inside, which department he visited can be reported very easily with the access control software.

Access access systems can be easily integrated with card or fingerprint readers or face recognition terminals.

If you wish, you can also apply access control with thermometer products.

Turnstiles and barriers can also be added to the system in all access applications.

Contact us for detailed information and pricing about our Access control applications.

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