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What does the Cafeteria Control System Do?

Although the cafeteria control system may seem like a simple system, it can become an inextricable situation in crowded factories.
The main purpose in the cafeteria control system; regulating the number of meals that the staff eats; to control the cafeteria entrances according to the progress payment procedure, to ensure that everyone can benefit from the cafeteria control system equally and fairly, and at the same time to prevent waste.
Cafeteria control systems generally consist of turnstiles, card or fingerprint readers and cafeteria control software.
In the cafeteria control software; we can have report like:
� Personnel report ( which time of the day personel eats meal, and how many times )
� Time intervals for eating can be defined for people to eat only at that time.
Reports that can be obtained with the Cafeteria Control Software
� Detail Report (What time andwherethepersoneats)
Summary Report (Number of mealsperperson)
� Meal Report (gives detailed information about those who have eaten)
� Those Who Cannot Take Food
� Those Who Eat Too Much
� Cafeteria Report

If you want to organize your cafeteria, prevent confusion in your cafeteria, learn the exact number of people eating at meals and minimize the waste of food, you can contact our experienced friends.

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