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What is Face Recognition Systems ?

Polimek software integrates with biometric/rfidtechnologies, and provides accurate identification and real-time tracking of your employees.
Facial recognition systems are the most known and preferred biometric systems.
Thanks to face recognition systems; authentication of personnel can be done in real time and entry-exit tracking can be easily managed.
Mostly, facial recognition systems also have fingerprint reading module and card reading feature on them.
New versions of face recognition readers also have a fever measurement feature.
With the face recognition devices with thermometer, the person above the fire limit you set cannot enter inside, these devices can also be connected to the via the relay on them.
Face recognition devices do not take a photo of the face, it takes the distances of certain distances of the face from each other and turns it into a code called binary.
Absolutely photos of your employees aren�t stored in the face recognition device, it is a completely legal system.
The information contained in face recognition devices can also be retrieved with a USB device if desired.
The usage areas of facial recognition systems are quite high, especially in factories.
Devices may ring at the start or end of shifts.
Facial recognition systems, which are most frequently used for personnel tracking, can also be used as member tracking, cafeteria control system, or card pass system in gyms.
In addition, the lack of card costs and the fact that they allow a much faster transition than fingerprint systems are the reason for preference for face recognition systems.
If you want to get more detailed information about our face recognition devices and test their performance, you can contact us.

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