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What is Personnel Tracking System?

What is Personnel Tracking System?

Personnel entry-exit tracking system, also known as personnel attendance system, is a system where employers track their employees’ entry and exit, calculate their leave and overtime, take payrolls and transfer the received payroll information to any accounting system if desired.

As a result of transferring the entry and exit times to the time&attendance software, daily, weekly and monthly follow-ups of the personnel can be done easily.

Personnel tracking systems are the main data source for personnel-related transactions such as annual leave usage, payroll transactions, payroll and salary calculations, time spent in the cafeteria, leave periods, advance payment, shift hours, as well as entry and exit tracking.

The interest and need for personnel tracking systems has increased considerably today, and its use has become inevitable in almost every sector and institution.


What Are The Advantages of Personnel Entry and Exit Tracking Systems?

-Personnel tracking system reports to the employer on the performance of the personnel.

-The staff’s break and meal times, WC usage minutes, etc. can be monitored and the staff can be followed up in all areas within the company.

-With the personnel tracking system, the entry and exit of unauthorized or visitors to the company is under control.

-The general order and operation of the company will be more efficient, more productive, and wasted time will be reduced.

– Thanks to the use of personnel attendance control software, the information of the employees is kept automatically by entry-exit tracking instead of manually entering them.


What Devices Does the Personnel Tracking System Include?

1) Terminals where personnel data will be kept

2) Personnel tracking software to keep personnel data

3) Optional turnstiles

In time&attendance systems, personnel tracking device and software work in an integrated manner.

Employees are introduced to this system one by one, and all entries and exits are reported.

We can list personnel tracking system devices as;

-Face recognition device

-Card reader

-Fingerprint reader

After the pandemic, card readers are more preferred than before. Many companies that use fingerprint devices have replaced their devices with either fingerprint readers or face recognition readers.

Card readers are preferred in places where the circulation is high. Such as; factories, schools, hospitals, large/small-scale workplaces, etc.

Employees are registered in the system, cards are defined for each personnel, and data entry is made by scanning the cards at the entrance and exit.

It can be used with gate entrance, turnstile, and barriers depending on preference. It can also be used as a promotional card by printing one-sided or double-sided on the cards.

Fingerprint readers do not take a picture of the fingerprint, they convert the fingerprint into a code called “binary” and store it as it is. In the use of a fingerprint reader, hands of the personnel should be clean and there should be no deformation such as burns or wounds.

Fingerprint readers and face recognition devices are used more in areas where security and privacy are kept at a high level.

Binary code is also used in face recognition devices. The face recognition system is activated by scanning the faces of the personnel registered in the time&attendance system.

Face recognition devices are safely preferred in workplaces or institutions in some sectors where fingerprint readers cannot be used due to finger deformation.

It can be used integrated with all access control systems such as face recognition devices, door opening, turnstile, member entrance, etc.

As with card readers, there is no case of forgetting the card or giving it to someone else.

The mobile personnel tracking system with a QR code reader, where the personnel working in the field can be followed instantly, is one of Polimek’s newest software.

Polimek has been specializing in “Personnel Attendance Control and Tracking Systems” in Turkey since 1995; With its 27 years of experience, it safely brings together the systems to its customers and continues to develop day by day.

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