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What is Vehicle Access Control Barrier ?

Vehicle access control barrier is a physical barrier that is used to control the flow of vehicles into or out of a specific area. These barriers are commonly used at entrances to secure facilities, such as military bases, government buildings, and airports, to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the facility.

There are several types of vehicle access control barriers available, including:

  1. Gates: Gates are a common type of vehicle access control barrier. They can be made of a variety of materials, including steel, wood, or other materials, and can be manually or electronically operated.
  2. Arm barriers: Arm barriers, also known as boom gates, consist of a metal arm that is attached to a pivot point. When the barrier is raised, the arm extends across the roadway to block access. These barriers can be manually or electronically operated.
  3. Road blockers: Road blockers are heavy-duty barriers that are designed to block access to a roadway or other area. They can be made of materials such as concrete or steel, and can be manually or electronically operated.
  4. Bollards: Bollards are sturdy, upright posts that can be used to block or restrict access to a specific area or roadway. They can be manually or electronically deployed.


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