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What Should Be Considered When Purchasing Personnel Attendance Control System ?

The patrol tour control system is a technological system that controls whether the points that are determined as important for security are visited in a certain time period. When we touch the points that are desired to be controlled, we can know which guard, under what date and time are under control. Polimek Elektronik manufactures this system 100% locally. The fact that the system is completely domestic provides advantages in many areas.
Polimek Elektronik can manage all the equipment of the patrol tour control system itself, as it wishes, and is able to intervene in the product more easily in any technological development. At the same time, there may be a chance to quickly affect and correct a defect encountered in the testing phase of the product. Being 100% local is always keeping Polimek Elektronik one step ahead.

Another advantage of domestic production is that it saves time in technical service and service support. In case of malfunction in the product or any of its parts, it can be intervened quickly and the problem can be solved in a short time. It may take a long time to obtain parts or interfere with the problem in an imported product.

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