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Where is Walk-Through Metal Detector Used?

Walk through metal scanner detector is a stationary-mounted detection device that allows us to distinguish hidden metal objects as people pass through them. While installing WTMD, weight, quantity or shape parameters are defined according to the security needs of the are where it is installed. If there is an object with a higher value than these parameters on the person passing through the WTMD, the WTMD will raise an alarm so that the security can detect the prohibited person and substance.

Different industries have different needs. In this direction, as Polimek, we offer domestic and quality products with high sensitivity, strong induction and sensing ability in order to meet the needs of users and to offer the most suitable product.

As Polimek, we offer three different types of WTMD, which divides the human body into 6, 18 and 33 zones. Thus, the WTMD can be accurately positioned to the detected objects, intuitively display of the target location.

These devices work with “digital pulse technology” which is a filtering system and has excellent anti-interference ability. Moreover, you can adjust sensitivity level between 0-99 and exclude the coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckle etc. It is also waterproof – fireproof and easy to install.

The world population is about to reach 8 billion by 2022. More crowds require more security and control. Therefore, the importance of security and control is increasing day by day.

Walk through security scanners ensure the safety of people by detecting security-threatening objects such as guns and knives. In addition, it plays an important role in preventing the smuggling of drugs, precious jewels and antiques.

We used to see walk through scanner metal detectors mostly in prisons and airports. However, nowadays we see walk through metal detectors in many locations. E.g; police stations, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, clubs, business centers, government buildings etc.

With the spread of walk-through metal detectors, the usage areas have expanded to production facilities, transportation terminals, military and administrative buildings, stadiums, concert venues, nuclear power plants, historical ruins and museums etc. and this list continues to grow day by day.

According to The Health Physics Society’s fact sheet metal dedectors are not harmful for health. Even though magnetic fields -created by metal detectors- are a form of radiation, the radiation the machine emits is nonionizing. They don’t cause biological damage. (Mesnik, 2018)

Mesnik, B. (2018). How Walk-Through Metal Detectors Work – Kintronics. Retrieved 24 March 2022, from,the%20metal%20causing%20the%20alarm.

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