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Which Objects Can Baggage X-ray Scanner Detect?


The Bollards , used in areas of high security placed at the point of entry and exit of the vehicle,in the form of cylinders in the ground.
It is also used to block road traffic at certain times in the city. These barriers are entirely made of stainless steel and are extremely resistant to the external environment and impacts

It is also suitable for many years of use. It is best in places where security is required, such as shopping malls, entrance entrances, entrance barriers to buildings, streets, entry and exit of public spaces. Today ,it is mainly used for the control of car traffic.

Hydraulique bollards, are often used in place requiring high security. when the passage is not desired, the barrier rises above the ground and closes the passages.
It has a very resistant structure. it also gives an alert signal or an alarm while lifting. the bollards are the most chosen estetic and high security are combined.
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