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Why Choose Full Height Turnstiles for Access Control

Full height turnstile

Turnstiles are vital for security and access control in various facilities. Two popular types of turnstiles are the full-size turnstile and the tripod turnstile. While both types serve the same purpose, full-size turnstiles offer several advantages over tripod turnstiles.


full-size turnstiles are more effective at controlling access than tripod turnstiles. Taller, robust full-size turnstiles effectively prevent unauthorized access with advanced biometric and RFID features.


full-size turnstiles are more durable and reliable than tripod turnstiles. Durable full-size turnstiles, crafted from stainless steel, outlast tripod counterparts, enduring harsh weather.


full-size turnstiles offer better throughput than tripod turnstiles. Full-size turnstiles are designed to accommodate larger groups of people. They can process more individuals in less time. This makes them more suitable for high-traffic areas such as airports and stadiums. Tripod turnstiles, are limited in terms of throughput, which can lead to long queues.


Polimek Electronics offers some of the best solutions when it comes to full-size turnstiles. Polimek Electronics’ customizable turnstiles meet facility-specific needs and feature advanced facial recognition and RFID technology.

In conclusion,

full-size turnstiles offer several advantages over tripod turnstiles, including better access control, durability, throughput, and reliability. Polimek Electronics offers some of the best full-size turnstile solutions in the market, which are highly customizable and equipped with advanced features. If you are looking for an effective and reliable access control solution, full-size turnstiles from Polimek Electronics are an excellent choice.

full height turnstile

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