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Why You Need a Guard Tour Control System?

Many companies, institutions, factories, etc. hire security guards to keep their facilities safe. Generally, the job description of these security guards is not just to control entries-exits and not to allow unauthorized entry from outside. In addition to these duties, there are periodic visits to patrol points, checking doors and lights that are left open, detecting water leaks, abnormal conditions and security threats. Even in some production facilities, additional tasks such as checking the pressure and temperature settings of the machines can be added.

For safety reasons, patrols should be carried out several times per shift. In order to maximize the efficiency of security guards, these patrols should be carried out according to established procedures. Usually, the security manager creates a patrol route with crucial points to check. The security guard goes on a tour according to this route and checks the area. However, this process does not always go smoothly as planned. Sometimes the security guards may not want to go on the tour and do not move from their places. Factors such as bad weather, cold, and rain can reduce the willingness of security guards to go out for patrol. Even if the guard is on patrol, hard-to-access areas, areas with many stairs to climb are prone to be skipped by the guard while patrolling. Often during shifts, security guards work alone or without a supervisor. This makes it difficult for your security guard to be followed up, and the security of your facility may be compromised if it’s left to the discretion of the security officer.

Our Guard Tour Control System has been designed to provide a solution to these problems. In general terms, the working principle of guard tour control systems is to determine when security guards should go on tour and to record these activities. Of course, this seemingly simple function has many benefits for companies.

  1. Creates Strong Motivation and Increase Efficiency

Because the guards know their activities are being recorded, they are less likely to disrupt their duties and are more prone to follow the rules and do their patrol properly. In addition, since it is easy to detect people who do not patrol properly in line with the records kept, “problem child” in the security team can be removed or people can be disciplined.

  1. Reporting and Accountability

Guard Tour Control System gives you data and information to assess the process, make decisions and foresee problems. With this system, all your data is securely stored, and you can access clear data at any time, such as when the guard went on tour, which points he checked or passed, which guard was on duty when and where. Based on this data, you can understand how tours are run, verify and adjust schedules. Therefore It also eliminates paper load and saves time.

  1. Remote Supervision

Supervision has great importance to ensure that the guards meet the required standards in terms of safety. For instance, with the Guard Tour Control System; Were the patrols done on time? Has every checkpoint been checked? Were the patrols done in order of duty? You don’t have to be on-site to get answers to these questions. In addition, with this system, you can manage more areas remotely, reducing your supervisor workforce cost.

  1. Automation

In places where there is no Guard Tour Control System, security guards should write down the hours they patrolled, the patrol points they visited, etc. on paper. That means loads of paperwork. Analyzing the data on paper and finding specific data when needed is quite difficult compared to the web database. Paperwork is also more costly and time-consuming than web database. However, with the Web-Based Guard Tour System, you can get rid of this burden and make the guards’ duties more effective with automatic control. With this automated system, security guards visit security points with only a pen in their hands. This pen records everything and when you connect the pen to the computer, you can clearly see how the whole process is carried out. You can also authorize the system and prevent unauthorized people from accessing the system.

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